Sea Salt Water Nasal Care Spray Travel Set


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Sea Salt Water Nasal Care Spray Travel Set 60ml

Suitable for: children and adults.

Expiration Date: 2 Years

Main Ingredients: Sea Salt, Purified Water

Routine Nasal Cleansing, Moisturizing Care:

Pet hair, Dust, Bacteria, Air pollution, Pollen, Nasal Drip, Irritation, Congestion, Sneezing

It is more convenient to carry on business trips and Traveling

0.9% Isotonic Mild Acidic Physiological Seawater. Gentle As Tears, Gentle As Amniotic Fluid. Nourish the Nasal Cavity. Sterile Production, Control from the Source. Sterile Filling in 100,000-Grade Clean Room.

Slim Waist Design. Ergonomically Designed


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