EFFWISH Sea Salt Water Nasal Care Spray, Designed for Infants and Children

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  • Effwish Sea Salt Water Nasal Care Spray, 80ml
  • Suitable for: Infants aged 0 months and above, children, and adults.
  • Expiration Date: 2 Years
  • Main Ingredients: Sea Salt, Purified Water
  • Routine Nasal Cleansing, Moisturizing Care: Pet hair, Dust, Bacteria, Air pollution, Pollen, Nasal Drip, Irritation, Congestion, Sneezing
  • Gentle Fine Spray Protecting Fragile Nasal Cavity
  • Specially Designed for Infants and Children
  • 0.9% Sea Salt Water
  • Additive-Free, Alcohol-free, Drug-free, Pigment-free
  • Authoritative Institution Stringent Testing
  • Precision 15-20mm High-Efficiency Micro-Diffusion System

FIRST OF ITS KIND, DESIGNED TO HELP RELIEVE CONGESTION AND DISCOMFORT: The EFFWISH Sea Salt Water Nasal Care Spray’s continuous gentle mist distributes natural, sterile saline along the upper respiratory tract to gently moisturize and soothe, which may provide symptom relief for a variety of upper airway conditions such as coughs, colds and allergies.

FINE MICRO-MIST TO SOOTHE THE NASAL CAVITY: Fine micro-mist sterile saline particles are optimized to target the upper airways and penetrate deep into nasal passages. While standard nasal sprays may offer more localized nasal coverage, this device may provide substantial coverage of the entire upper respiratory tract.

EASY-TO-USE: The EFFWISH Sea Salt Water Nasal Care Spray is portable, ready-to-use and can be used with or without the face mask. It does not require batteries or charging. After use, the mask can be easily cleaned and reused.

GENTLE TREATMENT: It’s pediatrician recommended, extra gentle for children


Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 15 × 6 × 20 cm


Special Feature

Soft Mist



Product Benefits

Respiratory Support, Moisturize Skin, Nasal Congestion Relief

1 review for EFFWISH Sea Salt Water Nasal Care Spray, Designed for Infants and Children

  1. Sofia

    My two children didn’t want to use nasal spray before, and they struggled with it every time. Now with this soft mist spray, they are very happy to use it. I will continue to buy some more.

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