Our Story

The inception of the Effwish brand is rooted in the experiences of our founder and team within the big health industry. Over the years, they have collaborated closely with hospitals and physicians, witnessing the pain and serious impact on the quality of life that many patients suffer due to their illnesses. These experiences sparked a profound understanding and exploration of health. In our interactions with patients, the founder and team realized that the focus of the health industry should extend beyond treating diseases to prioritizing disease prevention. We firmly believe that a healthy lifestyle should not only aim to prolong life but should also enhance its quality and richness. Consequently, we resolved to shift our perspective from treating illnesses to preventing them. We committed ourselves to developing health-tech products aligned with the contemporary health needs of individuals. This vision became the CORE purpose and mission of Effwish, driving us to constantly innovate and create products that improve people’s quality of life and prevent illnesses.

Each product from Effwish carries the passion and mission of our founders and team, intending to assist consumers in enjoying a healthier and more fulfilling life.

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