EFFWISH Sea Salt Water Nasal Care Spray for Children and Adult


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EFFWISH Sea Salt Water Nasal Care Spray, 70ml

Suitable for: children age from 3, and adults.

Expiration Date: 2 Years

Main Ingredients: Sea Salt, Purified Water

Routine Nasal Cleansing, Moisturizing Care:

Pet hair, Dust, Bacteria, Air pollution, Pollen, Nasal Drip, Irritation, Congestion, Sneezing

Nasal saline irrigation stands as a safe and convenient therapeutic approach, commonly employed as adjunctive treatment for inflammatory conditions affecting the nasal passages and sinuses. Its benefits include mucous dilution, enhancement of mucociliary clearance, reduction of mucosal edema, and mitigation of allergen load within the nasal and sinus cavities.Nasal irrigation solutions include types such as saline, deep-sea saline, and hypertonic saline. This literature excerpt is taken from the Guidelines for Diagnosis and Treatment of Allergic Inflammation (2022 edition). Sea Salt Water is designed to effectively cleanse the nasal cavity, wash nasal cilia, keep the nasal cavity moisturized, and promote a more comfortable breathing experience.

Dryness/Sneezing/Congestion/Harmful substances/Sea Salt Water/Mucus/Cilia/Basal cells/Goblet cells/Ciliated cells


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